About me

People think I’m creative. The truth is… I am, sometimes. I work professionally as a Graphic Designer since 2003, first in the printing industry, later on, web/digital graphics in marketing in the IT industry. Nowadays, i work in the Gaming industry, in marketing department. I also enjoy creating GIF-s, memes and cracking puns with my colleagues.

You can see my old designer portfolio website “multidesign” here.

I enjoy editing photos in Photoshop, much more than taking them.
I started shooting with DSLR in 2010. It was a giant step from my compact camera.
In the early days, I made a lot stop motion videos, fake tilt-shift photos, and not one my proudest moments, my HDR photos addiction. Past few years I wasn’t shooting so much art photos, only vacation snapshots. But, this year (2017) I went from Canon 550D crop to full frame sensor Canon 6D and that made me see the bigger picture here (literally). Gave me motivation to return to photography.

I usually shoot Nature, Animals, Landscape, Cityscape, but I’m also into Portraits/Fashion shows.